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Now voters have a chance to protect – or protest – the Republican tax-cut agenda

Republicans in the state legislature have steadily cut taxes since they took over seven years ago, winning the praise of lean-government advocates across the country. They credit their tax policies with improving the business climate, restoring a budget surplus and improving the economy.

New report: Income tax amendment would put schools, transportation, public health at risk

A new report from the North Carolina Budget and Tax Center (“Income tax rate cap amendment is costly for taxpayers, communities: Limiting the income tax rate permanently could hurt N.C.’s ability to meet its needs while benefiting the top 1 percent”) finds that imposing an arbitrary income tax cap in the North Carolina constitution could fundamentally compromise our state’s ability to fund our schools, roads, and public health, as well as raise the cost of borrowing.

MEG WIEHE: Capping North Carolina's top income tax rate isn't good for our communities

Earlier this year, teachers across the country staged walkouts or full-on strikes to protest low wages and lack of investment in education. North Carolina public school teachers and their allies participated too, calling for better pay and more overall school spending to improve our children’s education.

Want to hurt NC public schools? Cut the income tax cap.

This November, North Carolina voters will cast their ballots on six constitutional amendments. They range in scope—from a constitutional right to hunting to a constitutionally-enforced voter suppression tactic—but all are desperate North Carolina GOP attempts at maintaining power in a state that increasingly repudiates its politics.

New Hanover teachers: schools need more state dollars

“Just 10 years ago North Carolina was a beacon in the south for public education,” NCAE President Mark Jewell said during the forum. “But over the past decade we have seen a strategic dismantling of the public school system.”

NC ranks 37th in nation for teacher pay, 39th in per-pupil spending

North Carolina ranks 37th in the nation for average teacher pay, according to estimates released Monday by the National Education Association.  

North Carolina schools get reprieve on K-3 class-size rules

A legislative deal announced Thursday means North Carolina elementary schools won’t have to reduce class sizes this year that school officials said could potentially threaten art, music and physical education programs.

House budget the wrong choice for public education

The proposed House budget for public education does not reflect a forward-looking vision for ensuring a high quality education to all North Carolina students. The budget fails to move the needle beyond near pre-recession spending for K-12 education.